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3 Vital Questions You Should Always Ask to Find the Best Company for Temporary Fencing Delta


Temporary fences have numerous applications and you may require one too. For instance, you may wish to secure the perimeters of a construction site, safeguard the periphery of a damaged permanent fence, or you may plan to organize a sporadic event, such as a fair or a carnival, and need to enforce secure boundaries. Irrespective of why you may want to rent temporary fencing in Delta, there are a few critical questions that you should be asking a potential local contractor for zeroing in on the right rent-a-fence provider.

This blog will help you get started with pre-sales inquiries for portable fencing requirements.

Top 3 Things You Need to Know for Choosing the Best Contractor for Temporary Fencing

If you’re new to temporary fencing and have never taken one on rent, you may be clueless about what questions to ask a potential fencing contractor. Apart from inquiring about availability and rates of rent-a-fences, asking the following 3 questions will help zero in on the service provider that best suits your budget and requirements.

  • Will You Deliver as well as Install the Temporary Fencing on My Premises?

You should always remember to ask whether or not the shortlisted service provider will be accountable for both delivering and setting up the portable fencing system. While some companies will deliver your fence to your premises and also install it at your convenience, others will require you to visit their showroom or warehouse for picking up the fence and set it up on your own.

If you don’t own a large truck for transporting the chosen fencing system, you’ll have to rent one and you’ve to factor in that cost too. Furthermore, installing rent-a-fencing may also not be possible for you due to scarcity of time. Hence, it’s best to settle for a trusted fencing service near you that undertakes both the delivery as well as the installation.

  • Do You Sell or Offer Insurance for Temporary Fencing?

You should also make a point to ask your potential fencing company if it sells or provides any insurance for the temporary fencing system. While the applicable insurance component is already included in the rent charges for some fencing service contractors, others may ask you to purchase it separately.

Having insurance for the portable fencing system that you’ve rented will help recoup its cost in the event vandals damage or break your fence, make graffiti on it, or if the fencing panels are knocked down by gusts of wind and suffer damage. To summarize, irrespective of if you require temporary fencing in Delta or anywhere else in Canada, having an insured one does offer you complete peace of mind.

  • Who’ll be Responsible for Maintaining the Temporary Fencing?

The final question that you should ask a potential fencing service is who’ll take care of your temporary fence. If you’re renting it for only a couple of days, you may ignore this. However, if you need the rent-a-fence for several months, it’s best to enquire about this beforehand.

Fence maintenance can involve rust removal, cleaning, repainting, and greasing the hinges on swinging doors or gates.  No two companies have the same set of expectations about fence care from the end-user. Hence, you should ask explicitly your fence provider, what are the tasks that it expects you to perform for taking good care of the temporary fencing system.

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