Portable & Fence Event: 3 Most Essential Attributes of a Temporary Fencing System

A temporary fencing system is best suited for occasions and sites that call for security solutions for medium-to-short term requirements. You can install and rearrange a portable fence as per your requirement and uninstall the same in just a few minutes once it’s no longer needed. However, irrespective of what kind of portable & fence event in Delta that you may host, NOT all the present-day alternatives available in the market can be deemed comparable in terms of quality, performance, and reliability.

In this blog, we’ll briefly discuss the 3 core characteristics of a temporary fencing system that you should always consider when renting one.

Portable & Fence Event: What to Look for in a Rent-a-Fence System

There’s a plethora of temporary fencing that you can choose today, including free-standing fence blocks and chain-link fences, the latter being generally used in the construction industry and is equipped with a locking mechanism. Furthermore, temporary fencing systems also offer a wide array of accessories, such as vehicle access gates and privacy screens, to name a few. You can also ask for sandbags and wind braces for improving the stability of your rent-a-fence. Reflective delineators may be placed as well for beefing up its safety.

If a particular product can satisfy all the following 3 criteria, then it should be able to cater to your temporary fencing needs without any hassle.

  • Sturdy Foundation

Permanent fences are typically deployed with the help of bases that are firmly positioned on the ground. On the contrary, you do NOT need to dig the ground for placing a temporary fencing system as it comes with moveable posts that help the entire assembly to remain in position and upright.

Hence, we highly recommend opting for rent-a-fences that are fitted with heavy bases. Installing an on-demand fencing system with solid bases for portable & fence event in Delta not only make it harder for any intruder to shift the fencing panels but also increases their resistivity to strong wind gusts and other adverse weather conditions.

  • Durable Material

If you’re planning to rent a temporary fencing system for safeguarding your premises or site, we suggest selecting one that’s offered by a renowned fencing provider near you. Acclaimed fencing contractors are known for providing high-quality fences on rent that do NOT break even after continuous use or develop fissures over time.

  • Resilient Design

Mesh security fences are immensely popular because of their robust form factor. The characteristic sieve structure allows them to dissipate any mechanical impact exerted on the fencing panels, thus, reducing the impact to a bare minimum and making it difficult for vandals and miscreants to break them or cause substantial damage. It’s also more time-consuming and harder for the intruders to make a hole in the mesh, as a person has to sever the wire strands one at a time.

If you’re planning to organize a portable & fence event in Delta anytime soon and require suitable equipment, you can call Total Site Services, as it’s a diverse selection of solid-based, well-designed, and sturdy rent-a-fencing systems.

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